A Warning to All Rideshare Drivers: Do This

Here is another good solid tip from Damon and Steve at The Penny Stupid Project on the rideshare side hustle.

We’ve proven being a rideshare driver can make you a substantial amount of side hustle money but exercises some good commonsense on your journey.


Video Transcript

Here’s a tip for all you rideshare drivers out there. Don’t ever feel like you have to take a ride just because you’ve accepted it. If you get to the location and something doesn’t feel right about it, bail. Who cares? There’s nothing that’s worth you feeling uncomfortable, or you know something Even worse, case in point, the other night I was downtown, actually in Scottsdale, Arizona, which you’d think.

Pretty good place, but I was just south of the, let’s call it, not a rough area, and I pulled up; the parking lot’s dark. I have cased back and forth in front of this strip mall, which had this dive bar. It’s about 2:00 AM. I call the passenger, and they answer, but they’re not talking to me, and it’s here.

A lot of shouting and yelling in the background. I finally see three rather large dudes stumble out of the bar. One is so drunk or on something that his buddy is dragging him out of the bar. And this is 2:30 in the morning, and I know people need a ride, but I don’t need that kind of crap in my wife’s Cadillac.

And I don’t know if they were just drunk if they were on drugs or what, but I was sitting there going, I don’t need this shit for four bucks, or whatever the hell I was gonna make on that ride. And I just canceled it.

I’ve got two weeks under my belt, and I’m not taking any more shit. So, if you don’t feel comfortable, just go cancel the ride. Just go. It’s not worth your driver rating or whatever it would be; just bail. If there’s anything about the situation that makes you uncomfortable, it’s your car; as they say, it’s your body, your choice.

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