Dive for Lyft and All the Other Scoop

One of the side-hustles we are trying and testing is driving for Lyft. Is it a reasonable way to make some extra cash? Well, we’ve found some frustrating speed bumps and money-making opportunities.

Drive for Lyft promo code.
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Damon is testing Lyft by starting from scratch and finding the pros and cons of being a Lyft driver. Just like you would.

Does driving for Lyft live up to the hype, and is it a real opportunity to make some side hustle money? Let’s find out together on The Penny Stupid Project.

Drive for Lyft

When you become a Lyft driver, they give you a referral code to share with others. It will take you to the page on the Lyft site that will give you a first-month guarantee. This is what Damon is doing, and he is working hard towards the guaranteed cash.

Posts About What We’ve Learned About Being a Lyft Driver

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Videos About the Drive for Lyft Side Hustle Experience

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Past Lyft Posts

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