Explode Your Lyft Driver Earnings With This One Tip

Damon is back again with another Lyft driver tip to help increase your earnings.

Lyft Driver Tip 5 Transcript

Tip number five, get a premium vehicle. Use a premium vehicle. A vehicle that can qualify for Lyft Lux. Now, I’m not saying if you don’t have one, don’t buy one right now. Obviously, use what you have to start and then see how you like it. You might not even like it, but if you have the ability or have access to what Lyft would consider a luxury vehicle, I highly recommend you use it.

There are some strategies that you can use. To maximize your earnings, which you cannot do with a regular vehicle. But having the Lux vehicle helps maximize your time behind the wheel. So if you can get one, get one. But again, don’t just go rush out and buy one because you wanna make a little bit more money.

There are things that you could do with a regular vehicle. First, get some money coming in and then upgrade to one. But when you’re ready for it, I highly recommend getting a vehicle that can qualify for more service levels. Tip number five.

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