Take Your Lyft Driving Income to the Next Level

Here is another Lyft Driver Tip in our series to help the new driver get towards big dollar days as fast as possible.

Damon has been testing driving for Lyft, so these tips come from personal experience.

In this tip, Damon talks about how important it is to go for the gold as soon as possible.

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Lyft Driver Tip #2 Transcript

All right, tip number two.

Uh, and this kind of goes along with tip number one of take everything you can within reason, hustle your ass off to get to the gold level as soon as possible.

Once you hit gold, it will unlock trip details. And you will be able to see the destination of the ride request.

So you’ll be able to make better, more informed decisions about whether or not you want to accept a ride based on where you’re gonna have to take that person.

And if you listen to tip number one, and you spent the first week pretty much going
anywhere, taking as many rides as you can by then, you should know enough about your city to know whether or not you want to go to that area.

Tip number two, get your ass to gold.

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