Lyft Driver Tip 3: Don’t Let Strangers Into Your Car – This Lyft Driver Learned the Hard Way

I don’t want you to think there isn’t any risk in being a Lyft driver, there is. But the best way to protect yourself is by following some commonsense tips like this one.

Damon had a ride with a couple of people that made him question if he was making good choices. This led to this Lyft driver tip. Damon talks about the passengers that created the need for this driver tip.

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Lyft Driver Tip #3 Transcript

Okay. Tip number three, Don’t accept or don’t pick up ride requests from people that are not paying for the ride, meaning somebody else is paying for the ride for them.

I’m not gonna get into detail why. Just trust me. You’ll thank me later. And if you ignore me, you’ll learn why you don’t wanna take trips from people that aren’t paying for the ride.

Okay, little tease number one, you’re never gonna get a tip.

Number two, you typically have no idea who the hell is getting in your car, even if they do the right thing and they create a new account for that, that rider that doesn’t give you any information, there’ll be no picture on it, which, whatever on that.

But they’ll be no ratings. It’ll just say new person. So whether they create a profile or not, it still doesn’t give you any information.

But trust me, uh, you know, and I’ve had a few that were absolutely fine, you know, but I’ve. Had most of my dooziest of rides, if you will. Don’t think that’s a word, but it is today.

Most of my dooziest of rides have been when somebody with an awesome rating requested the ride. I show up, they’re not the ones getting in the car. It could be two homeless people that have not showered in a while and need to get to the Greyhound bus station 40 damn miles away. Yeah. That. Just an example.

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