Lyft Driver Tip 4: Chasing Bonus Money: Find Out How to Get the Most Out of Lyft’s Big Dollar Days

Lyft is a great way to earn extra money and chase those big dollar days. This Lyft driver tip will show you how to learn about Lyft’s big dollar days and maximize your income!

If you’re looking to make the most of your time as a Lyft driver, then be sure to check out this tip! We’ll show you how to learn about Lyft’s big dollar days and maximize your income by chasing those bonus payments!

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Lyft Driver Tip 4 Transcript

[00:00:00] Okay, tip number four. Tip number four is the bonuses, and ride streaks are your friends. Use that strategically. You can make significantly more money if you plan your driving around busy times, when there’s gonna be bonuses and ride streaks, usually ride streak gives you $9 for completing three in a row.

[00:00:23] $12, $15. Well, you know, you do three rides throwing an extra 15 bucks all of a sudden, that’s. $5 bonus per pot. That can give you a nice, you know, if you make 10 bucks a ride, maybe eight bucks a ride, seven bucks a ride, whatever, they’re short rides, right? That’s 21, 22, 23 dollars, and then another 15 on top of that.

[00:00:44] That’s 35 could be 40 bucks an hour. So use the streaks and the bonuses to your advantage. Now that being said don’t go chasing the bonuses if they’re, if you see a $5 bonus somewhere, it’s one mile away. Okay. Maybe shoot over there, snag it and get that. But you see a great bonus, it’s $10, and it’s 10 miles away.

[00:01:06] Don’t go chase it. By the time you get there, it will probably be significantly reduced or gone. Plus, the way you redeem those bonuses, you gotta take that next ride they give you. So if you drive 10 miles and that $10 bonus shrinks down and then becomes $2, even if you hit it, and then the next ride you get takes you into some area that you really.

[00:01:26] Go to, You’re not gonna be happy, You’re gonna be frustrated, and it’s not gonna be a pleasant experience, so don’t chase the bonuses. If they’re close, grab ’em, pay attention to the streaks, and try to drive when they’re giving you those streaks, it’s just free money. Tip number four.

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