Lyft Driver Tips #1: How to Get the Right Lyft Driver Experience on Your First Day

Damon has taken on the Lyft side hustle project with a vengeance. He’s been putting out some great quick tips to help new Lyft drivers find success.

Lyft Driver Tip #1 Transcript

All right. Tips for new Lyft drivers.

I actually made over two grand in my first two weeks.

A couple of things starting your learning curve.

Tip number one, brand new Lyft drivers.

Here’s the biggest piece of advice I can give you.

Take everything that you can within reason.

If it’s 20 miles away, don’t go accept that ride.

Try to stay within the area that you want to be in,
but accept all the rides to get the experience just to learn the ropes.

It’ll help you get an idea of areas that you want to be in and areas that you
definitely do not want to be in.

In the beginning, don’t stress too much. Just take everything you can.

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