Penny Stupid Side Hustle Intro Podcast

Getting out of debt is about either reducing expenses or increasing income, so Damon and I decided to start a new site all about side jobs from home to help make money. The PennyStupid website gives you the scoop and inside experience on side hustling. You can learn by watching us on YouTube or listening to our podcast to know which side jobs from home can be successful. 

This new gig project aims to provide you with tested and tried actionable information to help you start making an extra $500 to $2,000 a month. Use some of your gig and side job money to reduce your debt but be sure to use some for fun. 

It’s one thing to research side hustle ideas, but Damon and I are putting them to the test and sharing the real-life results and lessons learned with you.

So come along on the Penny Stupid journey and listen to our successes and failures. I’m sure we will sometimes fall flat on our faces, but you can’t have great success without making mistakes and learning painful lessons.

For more information, visit the PennyStupid site or drop in on the Facebook page to get info and subscribe.

Steve – Get Out of Debt Guy

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