Side Hustle Success Is Created With Hope or Hopelessness

It is easy to give advice about side hustle success, keeping your chin up, or pushing on. When you feel down and out, that’s the last thing you want to hear.

Well, maybe actually, the last thing you want to hear is, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” How about a throat punch for that? It’s not what you want to hear when life is dumping on you.

Starting a Side Hustle Can Make Things…

The correct answer is “better or worse.” For people who have given up hope and are down and clinically depressed, no side hustle will result in what they need: purpose, success, and income.

You might have heard people can look at a glass half full of water, and some will see it as half empty. I used to joke with my dad that he saw it empty, dirty, and broken. Some people are just naturally like that.

Rides share success or failure begins in your mindset.
For some, a rideshare side hustle looks like this even before they start.

Finding good in bad times is a trait not everyone has.

So take an honest look inside yourself and think about your life approach. If you feel the world is against you and your situation is desperate, now might not be the time to launch a side hustle that will cost you money up-front.

Inspiration or Desperation for Success

A successful side hustle begins with you being inspired to gut it out and be successful. People with this mindset snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat.

Damon is a great example of this type of approach to life. He refuses to fail and hunts down a good outcome. Just look at his Lyft driving experiences.

Launching a side hustle because you are desperate for extra money sets you up to fail. The odds are you will not be successful. Desperation robs you of happiness, enthusiasm, and the energy to appreciate your own special efforts.

In talking to people about the results of the Lyft driving experience, it is interesting both Damon and I have run into people that throw up more negatives and reasons why they will fail.

To those people, I can confidently say you are correct; you will fail. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Fundamentally changing an individual’s approach to life is a Herculean task, and I’m hopeful it can be accomplished. It’s not guaranteed by any means.

The Right Side Hustle Mindset

Honestly, the right mindset to start a side hustle is not one. This is what I find so amazing about our efforts with The Penny Stupid Project.

Damon and I have different approaches to life and opportunity. In our combined efforts here, you see and hear in our updates how I might be more purposeful and cautious, and Damon is more willing to charge forward and find success in whatever he is doing.

Both approaches are different but perfectly fine. They both get us the same result.

Side hustle success or failure is determined by a number of factors, big and small.
There is no one right way or size of fish.

From my more intentional approach, it works for me, but it might not work for you. Far too many people fall into the trap of the paralysis of analysis and get stopped before they start.

My approach is to study, learn, apply, and test but continue to move forward. Damon jumps over the wall and charges the enemy, knocking down obstacles in his way.

The right mindset is a combination of both of those approaches. If you want to start a successful money-making side hustle, you should be willing to understand it before leaping but once you start, go for it with intention at your pace.

However, you must realize that success does not come overnight, at the end of next week or next month. That is unless you instantly make money with something like Lyft or Uber.

The Secret to Side Hustle Success Isn’t Sexy

Over many years, people have asked me what my secret to success is. The answer isn’t sexy.

I find the secret to being successful in a side hustle is:

  • The cost of entry is low.
  • You are willing to gut it out and realize it will be a grind.
  • Perseverance is a critical trait.
  • You control the end service and product you deliver.
  • You can remain honest with yourself but hopeful you can be successful.
  • When the time comes to declare defeat and stop, you can listen to yourself. Sometimes it is better to run away and fight another day than die in total defeat.

We Are Here to Help You

Setting your goals correctly helps the journey.

Damon and I can’t wave a magic wand and change who you are. But what we can do is be your cheerleading team and help you move toward success and away from failure.

You should always reach out to us and ask us for advice or guidance. We are truly here to help. Even if that help is just a bunch of free videos, you can watch for insight and hope.

3 thoughts on “Side Hustle Success Is Created With Hope or Hopelessness”

  1. This is affirming to read! I’m currently working 1-2 hours a day on Swagsbuck and Survey Junkie (the latter is currently more trouble than it’s worth, as nearly every survey is either filled or disqualifies me after wasting several minutes on it.) Swagsbuck is slightly better, though still a grind, like you said.
    I got approval/invitation for Amazon Mechanical Turk, but I’ve been in a holding pattern waiting for identity verification that they said would only take 24 hours. (it’s been 4 days.) So that’s frustrating and a bit discouraging.
    It’s been a slow start, but I remain hopeful! Thank you for the boost! 🙂


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