Update 2 – Amazon FBA, Retail Arbitrage, Lyft, Helium

In this week’s update, Damon and I give you the latest on The Penny Stupid Project side hustles in the works.

I bet our wives appreciate these updates to figure out what the hell we do all day long. It seems like the days are packed working on The Penny Stupid Project.

In this update, we talk about the success we’ve had with the Lyft experiment and the income Damon has made after his first week. We also talk about wanting to help our followers be successful with free coaching when they use this link to try Lyft for themselves.


You can listen to the audio podcast version of the update below.


Steve Rhode: Hey, we’re back with you for another weekly update on the penny stupid project. That’s that task, that site we’ve set up in order to test side hustles, find out what is real with legitimate and what’s a scam. We’re working through each of the side hustles. Getting to tell you what the truth is. And Damon, you’ve got a big update this week, but I wanna start out with my Amazon FBA retail arbitrage project that I’ve been working on.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a huge update for you. Now. I’ve been taking this very carefully and here’s one of the problems. That I have observed on this side hustle. If you look at all the hype out there, you’ll see lots of people that are saying retail arbitrage. It’s great. You can make $250,000 a year.

And Damon, you saw some video where a guy was like, came out of a TJ Max and on a skateboard, took a box to the shipping place, and made 250,000 a year or something like that, didn’t you?

Damon Day: Yeah, that was the ad, implying that you can just go. Marshall, scan a few shoes, get the boxes, skateboard over to UPS and make two 50.

Steve Rhode: It’s a lot more complicated than that. Let me explain why I have been taking it slowly. There’s this expression out there about during the gold rush, the people that made the most money were the ones selling the shovels and the pickaxes. And for me, retail arbitrage is a little bit like that.

There are all sorts of suppliers lined up in software that you have to pay for on a monthly basis. You. Hire a fulfillment center. You could spend a lot of money and it seems like you’ve really gotta be smart about what are the best things to spend your limited funds on before you just go off the deep dive and into retail arbitrage.

Let me give you an update, Damon, You will not be surprised that this month. This week we haven’t sold anything. Zero. No shit. Yeah, I know. Those little $5 South Park things that we sent in now it feels two or three weeks ago. Yeah, still are not active on Amazon. They haven’t activy yet? No.

They arrived at Amazon. They accepted them, they processed them, and now they’re transferring them internally to a different fulfillment center and I don’t even know. When are they’re gonna arrive or go live? So in the meantime, the price continues to drop on those. And I think we’re gonna take it in the shorts on that one.

The little doll segue thing that we have. Yeah. We’re like, next up we’re in the buy now box. We should be the next one where people buy that thing. It hasn’t sold yet. The Stove, top metal covers for electric burners. I purchased 10 sets of those from Walmart and I sent them to Amazon. They received them the next day, and there’s just this long lag time before they get processed and put on the shelf at Amazon.

And the entire time I have learned just to pray that the price doesn’t drop so fast, but, So I’m cautiously optimistic, and as an example, here’s something that I just searched for a few minutes ago. I went on this website that I love to find items that you can buy low and resell higher, and if I was a gambling man, you could go all in and spend a couple of thousand dollars buying a bunch of stuff and send it all in at once and get the ball rolling that’s just not me though.

So bricks, brickseek.com is a site that you can go to and in the search box you can select. Deals, I think it is. Yeah. Deals. And then you could look for particular stores where things are selling. Damon, I looked. This item that I really like is for sale at your local Walmart. It says why do

Damon Day: I sense a task Rabbit for me here,

Steve Rhode: Hey, if you’re headed there later, I want you to look for this. It’s called a Ready America three-day, two Person emergency backpack. It’s selling for $10 and 24 cents at Walmart on Amazon. Right now it is about $47. And if we do the Amazon price calculator, all these things are linked on our website at stever105.sg-host.com.

It is selling has a sales rank of about 13,000, and has 5,200 reviews that are four and a half stars. It’s a good product. People like it if we buy it at the current price and we sell it at $47 after you subtract the Amazon fees, the fulfillment, cost, and storage cost. We should make about $20 per item.

Damon Day: I am heading back to Walmart to return all this He-Man crap that’s not selling.

Steve Rhode: Okay. All right.

Damon Day: I will text you. I got a whole hallway full of stuff that needs to go back to Walmart because I can’t get any offers on it. Hey, you should tell people how we even got started on Theba because we originally started flipping buying the stuff at Walmart to flip on eBay.

And we couldn’t get anything going on eBay. It’s been over two months now. And we still haven’t had a single offer for any of the crap I bought at Walmart. Not one single offer on anything that I list on eBay. So then that’s when Steve said, Hey, I’ve got an old FBA account. Let’s just give that a shot.

Yep. And we’ve sold two things on FBA in the last two months. The two

Steve Rhode: doll scooters. We’ve sold. Actually, I sold an aviation thing and we sold the two scooters.

Damon Day: Yeah, but that wasn’t part of our flip. No. So we sold the two. That was your thing. Yeah, we sold two scooters. So forget about how much time we’ve spent.

We’re trying to figure this out. We made and we made half of what we thought we were gonna make cuz Amazon snuck another damn fee in there that we weren’t aware of. So what did we end up making on those two scooters? Each

Steve Rhode: like

Damon Day: 10 bucks said and done. 10 bucks. 10 bucks. I think it was like seven, but maybe it was 10.

Yeah. So we made 20 fucking dollars.

Steve Rhode: Yeah. And the monthly fee to have an Amazon seller account Yeah. Is 39.

Damon Day: So Yeah. And we’ve had that two months now. So Just an Amazon seller fees for the account? It we’re down $50 . Yeah. No, boy.

Steve Rhode: No. So it’s no boy. No.

Damon Day: I got my skateboard and I went to UPS and it didn’t

Steve Rhode: freaking work.

you didn’t come back with a $250,000 check.

Damon Day: No, you’re more schooled on that FBA stuff. Cause honestly that what you’re doing is way more technical than what I don’t like tech. That’s why I’m sitting my ass in a car and driving Lyft. Cuz that’s the kind of stuff I’m not a techy guy. You are.

Steve Rhode: But I would rather be in this side hustle retail arbitrage, Amazon FBA. I would much rather make small purchases and make sure that I get a process and formula and something that I can replicate down and then repeat it on a bigger scale than just throw a whole bunch of money against the wall and lose it.

I wanna be smart. It’s gonna take longer, but I wanna be smart about it.

Damon Day: Yeah, see FBA for my personality would just drive me nuts. It just seems like a lot of meticulous stuff and waiting. I like to go get it, go get it. Yeah. And you’re like, Okay, I’m gonna figure out a process. I’m gonna get this done.

So far the jury’s still out. My takeaway from, just observing you mostly and the pile of shit I still have in my hall that has not sold. Yeah. Go return, all that stuff, will you? Yeah. My, my takeaway is it’s, you could potentially make money, but I feel like it’s either gotta. A little hobby that you just really enjoy doing, and you happen to be at local stores and you can eyeball some good deals and you’re gonna make a little bit of money, or you’re gonna go all in massive and really go for it.

Although we’ve got a couple of horror stories from clients there as well that lost it all. But it’s not simply, Hey, I need some money. I’m gonna jump in. I’m gonna start flipping stuff at Walmart, and I’m gonna make rent next month. It’s not like that.

Steve Rhode: I really feel that you could do that, but you’re gonna have to fill the pipeline with a lot of money.

You should not put a lot of money into this until you’re not wet behind the ears, cuz you will lose big time in back in the real estate investing days. I went to a seminar once and the speaker said, Here’s the thing about real estate investing. Don’t bitch and wh when you lose, if you’re gonna play with the sharks, you’re gonna get.

And it’s the same thing here. There’s lots of people that are using software that’s a hundred, $200 a month. They’re constantly on the computer, they’re searching and you don’t have any control over what the price you’re gonna sell it at actually is. Cuz all it takes is one other person to go in there undercut the price, and now you’re just left holding the bag and paying for storage fees until they’re.

Yeah, I would recommend that you return them. All right. So that’s by, That’s my Amazon FBA update. Cautious, careful. Still under review. Oh, I have another update for you. Do tell on helium mining. Oh geez. Another winner. Yeah,

Damon Day: no. Hey, while you’re looking at it, did you check to see how much my awesome minor made me?

Cause I’m looking to

Steve Rhode: retire. Yeah. Actually you’ve been making zero the past few days. I don’t even

Damon Day: look anymore. It’s like I, I feel like it’s not even worth the eight seconds. It would take me to look because I wouldn’t even be making a cent a second . I would say 90% of the people that are will hopefully, eventually listen to this.

Don’t know what the hell you’re talking about when you say helium, You. Qualify that.

Steve Rhode: It is a cryptocurrency minor that creates, That generates cryptocurrency for performing some tasks. We’re gonna get into that more later. But for anybody who knows what helium is, that is the shocking news that the top miners in the entire world really don’t pro produce anything.

Loser. Shocker. Yeah, I know. All

Damon Day: right, we wasted money on so you don’t have to.

Steve Rhode: We really the problem was that there was a big wave of people that really wanted to get into crypto. It was really hot. They wanted to get their own minors. And some people out there actually got minors where they only got 50% of whatever the thing created.

And me . Yeah I, for my first minor, I paid like a thousand dollars and I had a great location. It was making money. I think I probably broke even on that one. And the second minor that I, I bought was $179 on eBay. And that, that one, hopefully in the next two years I’ll break even on it. It’s a loser.

Stay away from it. Don’t do it. The ship sailed and. Unless cryptocurrency prices blow through the roof, it’s a snoozer. All right, Damon, I’ve saved the best for last.

Damon Day: Something that actually made money.

Steve Rhode: Yes. You have been killing it. With Lyft, this is your first full week driving for Lyft first week, and you and I have heard naysayers talking about how this will never work.

And in fact you’ve got there was that Facebook commenter that you were talking about, right? That said, Yeah, Lyft was a scam. It’ll never work, but results are different. Yeah. We.

Damon Day: We did a Facebook post and just basically asking the question, Can I make $3,500 my first. Driving for Lyft because Lyft had a $3,500 guarantee.

Yeah. So it was just basically, Hey, we’re gonna try it. This joker comes into Facebook, Mr. Mr Negative, Dave Cronin, I’m talking to you, . And his comment was, and again, I wasn’t like trying to pitch people Lyft. Yeah. I was just saying, I’m gonna try it. Follow along, so his comment says, Bullshit.

My friend drove for Uber and. Not even close to a thousand a month scammer. Yeah. He’s calling me a scammer .

Steve Rhode: I, this is something that you and I have talked about a lot on the phone over the past week, which is you can give each person the same opportunity, the same business side hustle, and some will knock it outta the park like you have done with Lyft and others.

We’ll be completely discouraged and say it’s a loser and never make any money with it. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy for some, but the secret seems to be, get excited about it. Just go out there and do it. Don’t over rationalize it. You’ve learned some lessons, so give us the first week feedback.

Damon Day: Yeah the big takeaway is $1,350 my first week. So take that Dave Cronin , tell your, Oh, he didn’t even make a thousand dollars in a month. I did more than that in one freaking week. I and that was, I was learning, right? I wasn’t like I was a polished, I’d never done it before I was figuring it out.

I bet I could have made more if I knew what I was. know I could have made. If I knew what I was doing and that was part-time in the evenings, after I was done with all the stuff that we normally do I’d borrow my wife’s car and, cause I didn’t wanna drive my diesel truck and go out when the kids were done with their sports and, they’re getting ready to go to bed.

I’d go out and drive for, five, six hours and then come home. And it was a great experience. I had fun. I’m already halfway to my $3,500. Guarantee. Cuz I’ve got what at the end of that first week, I had, what did you say? 83 rides. Yep. And you have to get 180 rides to get that hit. That $3,500 guarantee.

You’re almost there. So I was at 83 and then I drove, I got 13 more last night. That’s my first day of next week. So that’ll be on next week’s update. But after G Now that was gross. 1350. Gross gas was about two 90. Yep. So I made just under $1,100. That’s real money for part-time work on the side. If you’re struggling to make rent or you need to pay a credit card or whatever, that’s one week.

That’s four grand a month. I could do that every week and make four grand

Steve Rhode: a month. Now you said something this week extra that was really astute. You said, All I’m doing is I’m converting time that I would’ve spent sitting in front of the TV to making.

Damon Day: Yeah, I call it fuck around time. Fuck around time.

It’s in the evenings when, yeah, I would be in the office sometimes, right? Trying to edit videos or, look at whatever I’m looking at. But, you start to get, after you’ve been in the office all day, you’re just not as productive sitting in front of the computer if you’ve already been doing it all day.

So I, I’ve taken that time and I go out and I drive and I’m doing this for this experiment or whatever. I was honestly shocked. I couldn’t believe how much money cuz you see all this stuff about it’s a scam and you can’t make money, da. A thousand dollars a week extra. That’s and you can go do it right away.

It’s not like fba, right? Where you have to like, Oh my God, I gotta, It doesn’t cost any money to get started. If you ha, even if you don’t have a car, you can rent a car through Lyft or Uber. There’s just, you can just sign up. It’s free to sign up. You pass the background check, takes a day, two days, unless you’re lift and you have a hangup, and that takes three or four days.

But once you’re signed up and you’re good, you can literally just go drive whenever you want. And fit it into your schedule. You can drive for a day, not drive for a month, and then go drive again if you need to pay a bill real quick. So it’s a great way. Now it’s not I don’t think it’s a good full time.

This is your career. This is what you should do, but I think it’s great side money. . And it’s something that you can do to fill in the gaps, why you’re building towards something else. I’m sure there’s a lot of people listening to this podcast. That don’t even make $4,000 a month right now. And I did it on the side. Yeah. With, with Lyft. And so I’m, I, about seven, 10 more days I should finish, hit my bonus, and then I’m gonna shift over to Uber. I’m gonna go drive for Uber and we’ll report back on that. We’ll compare Uber and Lyft. Is one better than the other?

They both about the same. Can you do ’em both together and make, maximize your earnings even more? Can I make more than a thousand dollars? So it was a great week. I enjoyed the hell out of it much more than buying shit at Walmart and shoving it in my hallway. .

Steve Rhode: Yeah. And then having to return it.

Hey, so tell us some things that, that surprised you, that you were concerned about Initially. One of the things might have been, Hey, I, I have no idea who I’m gonna be picking up. And that can be intimidating. Was it?

Damon Day: It was a little bit, that was the big thing. Who the hell’s gonna be getting into my car?

And if you follow our channel, then you already know that story. And if you don’t shame on you, you should subscribe and you would know. But yeah, the cops were at the very first house I went to pick somebody up at. So that was a, that was a good initiation. It was like, if this is the worst, it can’t be that bad.

And everything since has been great. And that one wasn’t even that bad. But I have learned a lot of things in that first week. I think there’s a lot of things that were frustrating that I’m figuring out as you drive longer they get better and you get access to more information.

So you can do you can plan your days a lot better. But I also witnessed some things where there’s a lot of people standing around like at the airport and things like that. And even though I made $1,300. Your mileage may vary, right? There’s a lot of factors involved, such as, number one, your personality, right?

Number two, where you live. I’m out here driving in Phoenix, so you know, but if you try it and you’re not in an area where you can make as much, but you only make an extra 500 for the week is that horrible? What an extra $2,000 a month in your fuck around time, help you get to where you want to go, right?

I say it’s absolutely you should try. If you are in a place where you wanna make some more money and you just want something right now, like just right now, you could be driving and making money and when you can get paid the same day. In fact, you can get paid as soon as the person gets out of your car.

You can get an app and it will take that money, that six bucks and put it in your account. You can get paid

Steve Rhode: that. You’ve also been driving, your car qualifies for a higher level of service, Lux and you’ve been driving those. My wife’s car, Yeah. Those requests and you get paid more, but there are fewer of those requests.

So if you go out there and you say, Hey, I’m gonna spend all sorts of money and get. A black high end sedan or a SUV or something like that, and I’m gonna kill it and just doesn’t seem to be as many requests for those higher end services.

Damon Day: No. Start with what you have. Yeah. Don’t, don’t like my brother was like, say, Hey, I’m gonna try that too.

And then he is like asking me what kind of dash cam you have and this, that. And I was just like, Don’t worry about buying a dash cam right now. Yeah, just go sign up and go. Just get started with what you have. You may hate it, right? Don’t go buy a dash cam for 150 bucks and then you hate it. You don’t do it.

You know some people, my other brother, he used to drive for Lyft for a little bit. He hated it. He said, I don’t like people. Yeah, I don’t like talking to people.

Steve Rhode: You love it.

Damon Day: Oh, I enjoy the hell out of it. My wife’s been laughing at me because she’s you’re not even home anymore.

And because I’ve never once felt Oh, I have to go drive. It’s more Oh, I get to go drive cuz I get to meet so many interesting people, have great conversations and I just enjoy it. Plus the whole aspect of this ma trying out this way to make money and actually doing it. I’m one of those personalities where if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it right?

, and then I’m gonna maximize what I’m doing to really hit it. So I’m gonna hit that goal. Speaking of hitting the goal, so I thought about this morning, I just told you about this. I’m gonna lay down a challenge just to help anybody that’s, on the fence or not sure what they want, if they should do it or shouldn’t do.

I made $1,350 my first week. Yeah. Can you beat me? I wanna see if you can beat me. So we’re gonna put a link down here. It’s gonna be referral link. If you haven’t signed up, you could sign up these down in the description. Down there somewhere. Yeah. We’ll get a referral fee. I’m not even sure how much we get.

It just depends on what city, but when you click on that link, it’ll tell you what their bonus or guarantee is in your area. Maybe a lot, maybe a little, It just depends on on, on how many drivers there. But that doesn’t really matter. That was just an incentive. What really matters is you getting signed up and you doing it and going out there and trying to make as much as you can.

Right now we have 50 some odd subscribers, so there might not be that many, but maybe in the future people will see this video. And if you wanna try it, I encourage you to try it. Absolutely. See if you like it, cuz you can make some money. Click the link, sign up, let us know in the comments that you signed up and we’ll be more than happy to help you through that.

Yeah, I want to help you beat. I made 1,350 bucks, but I’m really good at whatever the hell I’m gonna do. I’m good at it. , I’m, I just am. Hey, call it like I see it. I’m good. I just am so you might not be able to beat me, but if you can come close, there’s still a lot of money. And if you can beat me and make me very happy, Yeah, I wanna see somebody beat

Steve Rhode: me, but that’s not all.

You just grazed over it. The key here is if you go to that link that we’re gonna link down below and you click on it and you sign up, Hey, let us be your coaches. Let us help you. If you have a question, you need some advice, you want some feedback about what works, Hey, Damon is here. I’m here, and Damon will give you just incredible.

Mine will be eh, .

Damon Day: My advice will be coming from experience. Yeah. Steve’s advice will be coming from my experience.

Steve Rhode: That’s right. I am living vicariously through you with this whole life experience.

Damon Day: Not only that, I think if I understood it correctly, the way their bonuses work for the referral links.

we don’t get a bonus unless for a referral fee, unless the person, unless actually get your bonus. So it’s not that you click the link and sign up and we get a referral fee. Thank you very much. It’s you sign up and you go do it. And let’s say their bonus is you get, a $500 bonus after you complete 150 rides in the first 30 days.

You, we don’t get anything unless you actually. Those 150 rides in those 30 days. So we actually have a very big incentive to help you through that and help you get started. And really, once you get going, I was pretty apprehensive the first day, not gonna lie, but once I got into the second day, third day, fourth day, all that went away.

A lot of the stuff I was worried about was like, that was not a big deal. I don’t know why. I was worried about it. It was fun and I was making money and it was an enjoyable experience. In fact, it still is, cause I’m gonna drive next week, get my bonus, go over to. And, who knows, I may still drive here and there just for the entertaining stories alone, for content for this channel.

We could do this whole YouTube channel on just funny writer stories from Lyft and Uber. It’s a blast.

Steve Rhode: We just created a TikTok channel and you and dancing, you can, Oh, I’m not dancing , but you can find. Find us over there. Okay. How

Damon Day: many subscribers could we get if Steve would dance on how

Steve Rhode: many subscribers?

Minus five is what we get. But if you can find us over there at Penny Stupid Project on TikTok. What’s interesting is they have a hashtag over there that has 7 million posts on it. It’s called Ride Share Diaries. Where people who people have shared all the things that they have dealt with, and some of ’em are just hilarious.

This week we posted one about that guy that you had who sneezed 20 times or something during the ride.

Damon Day: Yeah. We had the sneezer, we had the narcoleptic phone sex worker. Yep. We had the guy from this sober living facility where the cops were there kicking him out, and I had to drive him.

The other sober living facility. We’ve had the full gamut. I had my first fall over drunk girl last night. Actually, the three girls got in. This is actually a funny story. The three girls got in the girl in pastor seat. They’re like, Oh, 21st birthday. Woo. That thing.

And we were coming home barring Scottsdale. And they came in and she’s just Oh. She’s I won’t throw up, I promise. And I was like, Window going down. I’m like if you Don’t throw up in my wife’s Cadillac, please. Out that way. And so we started to go and I got not even 20 yards and she goes, I can’t do this.

And she unbuckled her seatbelt opens the door. Luckily I’m just barely rolling because there’s a light right in front of us. And bas, I got the car stopped before she bailed, but when I say bailed, I mean on the ground. On all fours crawling away in the street away from the car. And then her girlfriends are felt so bad.

I’m so sorry sir. I’m so sorry. We’ll just call another Uber. I apologize. And they all get out And then they go, Don’t worry, we’ll cancel it. We’ll cancel the ride. We’ll cancel the ride. And I was like, Okay. So they get out, they shut the door, they crawl to the curb. And I’m looking at the app, they’re not canceling it.

obviously, they’re more worried about their friend face down in the street right. Than canceling the app. So I didn’t know what to do. This is my first time, I didn’t have this before, so I was stuck in the app. The app still thinks I’m driving them home, so I don’t know if, am I supposed to take the car to their house and say, drop them off and get paid and go, I didn’t delivered.

I didn’t know what to. So I went and I, there was an option that says drop off. And obviously I wasn’t at the house, just, Okay. Dropped off and it said, it cleared it out. Okay. I’m open for business again. Later I found out that when I said dropped off, they, that Lyft said it was a driver cancellation, so I didn’t get paid anything.

And I was, No, you’re gonna have things that make you upset. Yes. But it was like whatever on that. But it was like, no, I didn’t drop her off. She jumped out , I didn’t have an option for drunk chick. Jumped out of the car, give me a cancellation fee. I gotta have a drunk girl cancellation on that one.

Steve Rhode: Then you also had, you also had the college girls one said it would be okay if she rode in the.

Damon Day: Oh yeah, I had down in Tempe at ASU campus and this is my first day, the five I pull up at the pick pickup spot. Five girls come over. I only have four extra seats in the car. And I’m sorry ladies, I can only take four.

It’s, it’s illegal and if we get in an accident, we got, we got issues basically. And of course, college girls, Oh sir, please, It’s real short. It’s right there. Not a big deal. Actually, for me it is a big deal. , it would cause me a problem, so one girl’s like it’s I’ll ride in the trunk, , and it’s not an suv.

It’s like an ex, It’s a cat. It’s a sedan. Yeah, an actual trunk. Thanks for volunteering. I’m like, No, I’m not gonna be some old guy shoving a girl in a trunk on camera somewhere. And I’ll be calling my wife on my first day like, Babe, I got arrested. Yeah. I thought I was kidnapping a girl. Yeah. Just funny stories.

I have a lot of ’em. Yeah. I

Steve Rhode: mean, what could go wrong with that ?

Damon Day: I’m sure it’d be fine. Yeah. .

Steve Rhode: I really look forward to all the stories cuz it seems like of the rides that you do every night, you come away with three or four gems. They. I’ve really loved you driving for Lyft, but I think I’m cautiously optimistic that driving for Uber might be a little bit bigger opportunity.

It seems to be the more popular rideshare service, but it might be more competitive. We don’t know yet.

Damon Day: Yeah, once, once I hit the, once I hit the the guarantee would lift and get paid my 35 and a hell of a lot less than 30 days. Dave, what the hell was that guy’s name? Dave? . Dave Kronan called me a scammer.

Oh. And I’ll do another video where I’m actually showing the screenshots on my phone of Okay. Of the money and the rides and all that stuff. Cuz that, that’ll be his next thing. Oh, you just made it up. Maybe I should wait until they come in and say, You made it up. And then I’ll be like, Boom. Your face and your face.

Steve Rhode: Yeah. But the, I think the differentiating factor here. Can you hustle? Can you work hard? I was talking to someone just this morning. Can you beat me? Can you beat me? Hey, we don’t wanna open the invitation for you to be beaten, but Can’t beat me.

Damon Day: Can’t touch this. Nah no. Hey, that’s the next TikTok video.

You, me, mc hammer, parachute pants. Can’t touch this.

Steve Rhode: Hey, I’ll put parachute pants on. This view.

Damon Day: Oh yeah. That’s why I was dancing cuz you can’t see my lower hat. That’s right. You don’t know. I don’t really know what I’m doing. In


Steve Rhode: I’ve got ’em on right now. . Yeah. Okay. Then touches. But the key to success over all of my years has been just grinding it out hard.

You gotta hustle. If you’re just laying back and going, This will never work. You’re absolutely right. It will never

Damon Day: work. Yeah. We’re gonna do another video too, on excuses. People have, I haven’t mentioned that to you, but I think we should do that. Yeah. Where we talk about, Oh, it’s gonna depreciate my vehicle.

Yeah. Or, all the different excuses they can come up with. And it’s just you’re not thinking, it’s like a broke way of thinking, who the hell care? If you depreciate a vehicle, but you make $50,000 a year on the side, right? Four grand a month is 50 grand a year. Basical. So you drive the shit outta your car, and now instead of you having a car for 10 years that you just used to get groceries or whatever, now you put whatever 5,000 miles a month on that car.

So in three years, you’re gonna have 180,000 miles. Yeah, you depreciated the shit out of your car. But you know what you also did? You made 150,000 freaking dollars on the side. Get rid of that car. Yeah. And buy a new freaking car. Your car appears about

Steve Rhode: depreciation. Your car’s not an investment.

It’s a tool.

Damon Day: It’s exactly, Yeah. It’s a tool. So don’t be a tool. Use the tool that

Steve Rhode: you have.

Damon Day: That’s good. I just made that

Steve Rhode: up. That’s very good. Yeah. Damon, you got any more updates before we end this week’s podcast?

Damon Day: I don’t think so. Like I said, I’m gonna do another video where we’re actually doing the numbers.

Yeah. For the number of people that can see, here’s how many rides I did, here’s how many hours I drove, here’s what days I drove. But again, just if you’re thinking about doing it, just do it. You’re never gonna know what it’s like. And if you try it for a weekend, it’s horrible and you don’t like it, that’s fine.

It’s not for you. But if you think it might be something and you like the idea of an extra, what? 500 a week? A thousand a week? . And you wanna do that right now? Just sign up, use the link below. Let us know that you did it. We’ll be happy to help you out. I want you to hit that bonus too, cuz hey, the extra referral money, however much that is, would certainly be nice on a brand new channel with 54 subscribers.

Steve Rhode: Yeah. I think in fact we might be up to exactly 56 yeah we’re just cruising right now.

Damon Day: That’s why we have this two

Steve Rhode: weeks. That’s not bad, right? It’s two weeks. No, it’s actually not bad for two weeks. That’s fucking great. I’m very happy with it. And, still working, trying to figure that out.

Look, this is really, the penny stupid project is really about us fumbling like idiots, trying to figure this stuff out. In order to be successful and show you what to do, we’re stumbling and fumbling with everything from the brand new TikTok channel, to the YouTube channel, to Facebook pages, to the website.

To Lyft, to Uber, to everything else. Hey, it’s one foot in front of the other. We are just going to plow our way through this and figure it out for you. So stay tuned. Visit the penny stupid project website, penny stupid.com. You can subscribe to the free emails and get updates. Follow us. Subscribe to us on YouTube.

So subscribe, comment. Ring something bell. Do whatever all those things are so you stay posted. And you can also find us Facebook and all the other places, but we’re right here for you. We wanna support you. We’re your biggest fans. We want you to help. We wanna coach you. You can do it. You can do it.

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